An Initial Skin Consultation at The One Skin and wellness is a 60-minute appointment involving an in-depth skin assessment and an opportunity for our dermal clinicians to asses your skin and its needs. During your skin consultation, your skin will be thoroughly cleansed analyzed using our medical optical device which has the ability to detect skin irregularities.

You will also be able to discuss your lifestyle, your skin goals and express all your skin concerns. This time with your clinician is so we can ensure we are able to provide you with the best and most effective treatment options available to you.

Our dermal clinician will uniquely make recommendations and devise a skin care prescription and prescribe the most effective treatment plan to achieve the healthiest version of your skin.

We are most aware that our client’s lifestyles are so unique and therefore, we will always take into consideration any factors that may help you to achieve results including budget, preparation for important events, time, and availability.

Our goal is to help you achieve the best possible results, whether it may be in the short or long term.

We look forward to welcoming you to The One.



The One hydrafacial is so much more than just another facial. It’s an experience with everything the skin needs to rebalance and achieve a healthy glow.

This medical grade hydra-dermabrasion device that utilises 4-part cycle in the one treatment, that has been patented with a Vortex technology.

Commencing with our signature cleanse, the treatment follows with sweeping of the HydraFacial handpiece. This handpiece uses a whirling suction technology to draw out impurities whilst bathing the skin with an algae and lactic solution, followed by a drenching the skin in a glycolic and salicylic solution, your skin is completely purified and ready for the infusion of potent antioxidants and peptides.

This treatment is designed to cleanse, purify, refine, and infuse. To enhance the effects of this treatment we include our Healite LED with a relaxing scalp massage to finish.

Any skin care routine followed at home will highly benefit from this treatment, leaving the skin more susceptible to actives, enhancing the benefits of the ingredients of your home skin care regime.

This treatment is renowned for its ability to promote a refined, smooth texture and a more radiant and hydrated glow.

This is the perfect treatment for all skin types. We highly recommend this prior to an event or simply to maintain a regular upkeep of skin glow.


 The One heal treatment has been designed to allow a moment to detach from the daily stress of life.

 Comprising of a facial cleanse, a cosmeceutical face sheet mask, soothing scalp massage and perfectly completed with the therapeutic warmth and light of our medical grade LED.

With scientific evidence that is not only beneficial for external rejuvenation but to work with increasing serotonin levels, activating the cells to produce more energy and to promote optimal healing and recovery.

With its multiple wavelengths of light and delivered with the correct parameters the LED is proven to have a therapeutic effect. At The One, we have three wavelengths to target different targets within the skin:

With Red (633nm)

Boosting the energy production in human cells. Specifically encouraging your mitochondria supporting the healthy function of your cells to perform efficiently and allowing body to heal. Boost and strengthens the antioxidant defences in the body, lowers inflammatory makers and therefore improves overall health and resilience of your cells.

Blue (415nm) 

The blue light effects the skin in the alteration of the skin microbiome, which allows an effective treatment of mild to moderate inflammatory acne lesions. 

Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects of the 415 nm blue light is scientifically proven.

Infared (830nm)

The photon of the infrared light is absorbed by the skin cells, this encourages the cells to increase blood flow and the activation of signalling pathways, this promotes an increase in tissue repair and healing.

A course of treatments are required for optimum results.


A Medi-facial that combines two non-invasive technologies in one treatment. This is a refining treatment that is so much more than your average microdermabrasion treatment.

Our microdermabrasion treatments incorporate either a diamond or crystal embedded handpiece using a gentle vacuum to buff away the dead skin and provide a deep clean. By unclogging pores and vacuuming the accumulated dead skin, this treatment will leave the skin refined and polished whilst stimulating new healthy cell growth.

The healthy treated skin is then infused with nourishing tailored active ampoules using the sonophoresis handpiece. The sonophoresis uses an ultrasonic wave technology which increases the penetration and absorption of active ingredients up to 800% more than standalone application.

To complete this treatment and enhance the effects of this treatment, we include our Healite LED with a relaxing scalp massage.

This treatment is suitable for all skin types. A series of this treatment can help improve texture and tone of the skin and overall function of the skin

Reveal your softest healthiest and most refined version of your skin.


A manual exfoliation method that gently sweeps the top layers of the skin by using a derma plane tool. This technique is designed to safely remove dead skin and fine hairs congesting the upper layers of the skin.

Commencing with The One cleansing routine, your dermal therapist will gently and effectively sweep the dermaplaning tool over the contours of the face and remove any debris on the skin surface. The treatment concludes with our relaxing and nurturing warmth of LED light therapy, leaving the skin with a smoother more polished appearance.

This treatment allows the skin to further enhance the benefits of your skin care routine at home. The skin is more receptive to any nutritious active ingredients skin care applied for weeks after.

Our dermaplaning treatment can be accompanied with peels and infusions to achieve a more penetrative effect, for additional treatment benefits ask our dermal therapists.


A powerful Depigmentation method of treating the skin which will target the excess melanin from deep within the skins surface that is causing the discoloration on the surface of the skin.

Being a two-step system, the process starts in our clinic by applying a potent mask on areas being treated, the mask is required to remain on the skin even after you have left the clinic for up to 10 hours. After this time, the skin begins a shedding and healing process.

A week after this process you will commence your home routine to prevent any pigment from returning.

This will prevent the melanin in the skin from making excess pigment which was causing the unevenness in the first place.

This treatment will clear accumulated surface pigment and prevent further pigment from returning. Unifying skin tone for a clearer more radiant, brighter, and rejuvenated appearance.

Cosmelan being in the forefront of treating pigment without using laser or light-based techniques and with little downtime you can achieve clear and the most vibrant version of your skin. 

We include a month post Cosmelan facial treatment to enhance clinical results.

A consultation with our dermal clinicians is required for all Cosmelan treatments.


This treatment is unique to each client with each visit.

The One that is so personalised, it will commence with an analysis to ascertain what your skin requires. 

Once the facial and skin treatment plan is determined we start with our cleansing ritual, your treatment can be followed by either a fusion, medical grade peel, mask, scrub or a combination of these. We will include a high concentration of enriched active ampoules to encourage optimal skin health.

The treatment is including of a relaxing scalp or neck massage to ease away any of the days stress and then completed with you relaxing under the calming LED heal light to rejuvenate the skin from within.

Each facial is distinctive and completely tailored to give your skin exactly what it needs to function at its best, to promote its health from within and give your skin a natural glow.

The One Signature Body Massage


Escape to a world of calm with our muscle soothing full body massage.

Delve deep into a relaxing state as you melt into the hands of our experienced wellness therapist.

This is the moment for yourself to invite an immersion of full body rejuvenation.

Honouring and maintaining wellness for the whole body (including a face mask), feeling the complete sense of bliss from within.

A sensory experience exclusive to The One Skin and Wellness…soothe the Mind, Body, Spirit.

The One Skin Infusion


60 Minutes

A minimally invasive technique that creates thousands of epidermal micro channels that allow high quality skin nourishing ingredients to pass through the horny layer of the skin, while simultaneously producing dermo epidermal bio stimulation, incrementing the activity of the active substances.

The penetration of active substances to reach the deepest skin layers allows the skin to promote cell repair at the transdermal layer, this encourages collagen production for a brighter and a more rejuvenated skin.

To compete this treatment we apply a crystal fiber soothing 3D mask to further enhance the rejuvenation and healing process.

This treatment is suitable for all skin types.



Our Tempsure Radio frequency treatment is one of our Clinics most favourite treatments, with the impressive results in skin tightening and lifting for the face and body.

By delivering monopolar radio frequency technology into the deeper layers of the skin, new collagen formation is encouraged and stimulated. The new collagen fibres are more uniform and neatly organised within the dermis to give the skin a tighter and firmer structure. The results are a younger, refreshed more youthful look.


The One Vivace RF microneedling device is the newest minimally invasive treatment in contouring and tightening for the face, neck and body, producing optimal results with little downtime. Vivace delivers optimal energy by combining three elements in the one sophisticated treatment, targeting multiple layers of the skin at exact depths and delivers the highest available radiofrequency tightening benefits.  

This unique device utilises skin needling technology, LED therapy and radio frequency all in the one elegant treatment, giving you a more superior and beneficial treatment results.  

The combination of the three technologies is designed to gently injure the skin with its ultra-fine needles, in order to activate the skin natural healing process and stimulate the production of collagen and elastin. The effects from a Vivace treatment include: Firming, lifting of the skin, and also, reducing the appearance of enlarged pores, fine lines and wrinkles. The radio frequency energy delivered by the gold insulated ultra-fine needles tightens these collagen fibres with heat, giving you a greater lift and rejuvenation effect.  

The third component, the LED therapy within the treatment head is designed to aid in additional treatment comfort and to increase the natural healing process which allows for minimal downtime and rapid recovery times post procedure. This will give you more time to enjoy a glowing radiant complexion.

This treatment is suitable for many skin types. A skin consultation is highly recommended prior to any treatment. 

A course of treatments may be recommended for optimal results.



The Picosure 755nm is the world’s first picosecond laser that has the ability to delivery energy that works with the body to stimulate natural cell signaling processes to create brighter, healthier, younger looking skin with virtually no downtime.

How does it work?

The Picosecond laser uses ultrashort pulses of energy, along with a pulse width that is 100 times shorter than other laser technologies. This enables a photo mechanical response and creates a pressure wave within the skin for the effective clearance of sun spots and pigmentation with fewer treatments and without injury to the surrounding skin.

The Picosure laser also has the ability to uniquely activate the body’s natural wound healing response that leads to increased collagen and elastin production, without the convention thermal side effects and social downtime of other lasers. With the use of the Picosure’s patented Focus Lens Array, this technology is able to deliver up to 20 times, the energy density of a normal treatment leading to intra-epidermal Laser Induced Optical Breakdowns. These injuries created by the pressure waves are found in the dermal cell membranes, which therefore activates a cellular response to produce skin revitalization and create healthier and younger looking skin.

This treatment is suitable for all skin types.

The One Lasers for EVENING SKIN TONE


Treatment information coming soon.

The One Elite iQ Alexandrite 755 nm Laser for Pigmentation Removal Treatment

At The One Skin and Wellness, we have the most advanced lasers for the removal of pigmentation. One of our lasers effective for the treatment of pigmentation is with our Elite iQ alexandrite 755 nm laser. This laser utilises a specific 755nm wavelength of light, which is one the most highly attracted wavelengths to pigmentation within the skin.  

This laser is able to deliver a high amount of energy which is converted to light, specifically targeting pigmentation within the skin. Once the light has absorbed the target (pigment), it is converted into heat, thus selectively heating and destroys pigmentation without damaging the surrounding skin. This elegant and sophisticated way of removing pigmentation leaves you with a more rejuvenated and clearer and more even complexion. 

This treatment is suitable for many skin types. A skin consultation is highly recommended prior to treatment. 

A course of treatments may be recommended for effective results. 


A safe and effective way for the treatment of vascular concerns in the skin that is causing a flushed and pink appearance.

The advanced medical grade laser we employ uses an Nd:Yag 1064 nm wavelength of light. This is strongly attracted to small vessels and overall general redness within the skin. The powerful attraction to redness within the skin will allow the laser light energy to absorb into the vessel wall, which will heat up the vessels and cause the vessels to shut down.

This laser also has the capabilities to bulk heat the deeper layers of the skin (the dermis). This is where you will find collagen, elastin and our fine vessel network. The laser comfortably heats the dermis and small vessels to create small controlled thermal injuries, which reduces overall redness and stimulates collagen and elastin production. This in effect plumps the skin and allows the fine vessels to have more protection on the skins surface.

This results in vessels appearing less visible on the skin surface and skin appears more rejuvenated.

A course of treatments is usually required for optimal results.

The One Scarring & Textural Improvement


This unique device is a TGA listed and FDA-approved system for scarring, stretched marks, enlarged pores, post-surgical scarring and scarrring from acne which utilises skin needling technology, LED therapy and radio frequency all in the one elegant treatment, giving you a more superior and beneficial treatment results. 

This treatment is more effective at vastly improving the appearance of scarring and textural concerns by using the gold insulated needle in combination with the radiofrequency. As the cells experience an increase of blood supply, it encourages growth factors and stimulates the damaged collagen fibres which engages the natural healing response for tissue remodelling. This treatment will encourage new natural collagen and elastin, resulting in a stronger, healthier and smoother skin structure. This will so improve textural abnormalities and scarring within the skin.  

This treatment is suitable for many skin types. A skin consultation is highly recommended prior to any treatment.  

A course of treatments may be recommended for optimal results.  

The One – The Ultimate Experience


Treatment information coming soon.

The One Laser Hair Removal


The One Skin and Wellness offers the latest technology in Hair removal.

We use the The Cynosure Elite iQ 755 nm Alexandrite or Nd:yag 1064 nm laser, a medical grade laser which delivers effective and safe results for all skin types. This unique laser has a patented smart device which no other laser has. The Skintel Melanin Reader is able to read the skin’s true colour prior to performing treatment to ensure each treatment is customised to each clients’ skin. 

Regular sessions are required to obtain and maintain results.

Our experienced dermal clinicians are all uni qualified to perform treatments, allowing clients a most comfortable, safe and effective results.

A course of treatments is usually required for optimal results. The duration and cost are dependant of areas treated; packages are also available.

A consultation with our dermal clinicians is required for all laser hair removal treatments.

The One Tattoo Removal


PicoSure are the world leaders in Picosecond technology, with the fastest delivery of ultra-short pulse of laser energy which is 100 times shorter than that of traditional nanosecond technology which is still being used in the industry today. 

This innovation in Picosecond technology has allowed safer, better clearance with fewer treatments for those seeking tattoo removal. This unique Laser treats even the hardest to remove inks with such precision that even blue and greens inks can now be removed. 

The unique PicoSure laser works by delivering a focused and ultra-short picosecond pulses of energy into the skin. This energy is so fast that it causes a photomechanical reaction within the small ink particles, causing them to shatter into dust all without causing heat or damaging the surrounding tissue. Because these ink particles are so small it is then easily eliminated through body system/ the lymphatic system effortlessly then with any other laser. 

This treatment requires a consultation with our dermal clinicians to determine the recommended number of treatments required for successful removal of any unwanted tattoos.  

*Treatment pricing will vary depending on the size of the tattoo.

The One, FOR HIM


A unique treatment created for specifically for men and his skin concerns.

Every treatment is completely customised to help with some of the most common concerns most men have. Roughened skin that needs a thorough deep cleanse, refining of pores or help with shaving related sensitivities or sun damage.

All treatments start with The One cleanse followed by an exfoliation using the Hydrafacial, the treatment can be followed by a peel, mask and infusion or a combination of these.

During your treatment you can have the added benefit of light-based LED element to help assist in some deeper skin issues. These will all be discussed in your consult to make sure we are addressing any of your skins needs.